PADI Deep Diver Course

February 02, 2023

Welcome back to your diving buddy Tom, who will continue familiarizing you with the diving courses that Dive Base Academy at Sindbad Club offers. Today, Tom shares his findings about his participation in the PADI Deep Diver Course to enhance his deep diving skills.

If you have any questions about our diving courses or dive sites of the Red Sea, please, ask Tom!


What can you tell us about deep diving, Tom?

I think many divers feel attracted to what's deeper when diving at 15 meters. It’s like being drawn by a magnet; diving deep has this mysterious ring. Halfway wall dives, curiosity grows. Exploring deeper dives in search of wrecks or coming face to face with majestic Acropora, forming umbrella-shaped coral colonies, is fascinating. I call it the ’challenge of the deep.

We can guess what you did next, Tom!

I followed the PADI Deep Diver Course with the Dive Base Academy because you need to become familiar with your limits at greater depth and feel safe. Locating wrecks or descending sheer walls requires the skills that I now have.

What does it take to follow the Deep Diver Course, Tom?

If you’ve earned the PADI Adventure Diver rating or higher, and you’re at least 15 years old, you can enroll in the Deep Diver course.

What do you learn when you follow the course, Tom?

Generally, deep diving is defined as dives you make between 18 and 40 meters. The first thing is your instructor asking why you are determined to go deep diving in the first place. Knowing your limits is of paramount importance.
During your deep dive sessions, your instructor makes you familiar with the specialized, necessary equipment, planning your dive, and procedures to keep in touch with your buddy. The focus is also on buoyancy control to conserve air during deeper dives. 
I also learnt to manage gas supply, narcosis, and safety considerations. I’m now also capable of a systematic approach to enjoying deep diving.

Do you have any tips to follow the course, Tom?

You have a dive computer and the rest of your essential scuba equipment. A dive light and a slate would be convenient when deep diving. 

What impressed you most, Tom?

With the professional instructors of the Dive Base Academy, you build confidence to dive safely to depths of 40 meters. And do not hesitate to keep pointing at knowing your limits. They do a truly fantastic job! They make you aware of your limits underwater and teach you how to minimize risks.

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