PADI Emergency First Response

January 03, 2023

Please meet Tom, your diving buddy, at the Dive Base Academy of Sindbad Club! Tom has been diving with the Dive Base Academy for four years. He has completed many PADI courses with us and has become very familiar with numerous dive sites and underwater wonders of the Red Sea. 
Tom will take you on an exciting tour to familiarize you with our diving courses at the Dive Base Academy in Hurghada. Tom will be your trusted host introducing the various exciting diving venues the Red Sea offers.
If you have any questions about our diving courses or dive sites of the Red Sea, please, ask Tom!

What can you tell us about Emergency First Response, Tom?

This is a top course for caring divers who want to put knowledge and skills into practice. It demands a lot of self-study, which makes it extra rewarding.
You study the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (First Aid) courses at your own pace. You make sure to practice a skill before continuing to the next one.

What does it take to follow the Emergency First Response Course, Tom?

There’s no condition such as a minimum age, yet the ambition and desire to help other divers in stress and agony are highly appreciated!  

What do you learn when you follow the course, Tom?

As course participants, you learn how to follow designated emergency care steps. You are applying skills in a non-stressful learning environment. During the Emergency First Response primary and secondary care training, I learned how to act in the critical situation of a life-threatening emergency.
I also learned how to perform CPR, meaning Cardiopulmonary resuscitation). CPR is a lifesaving technique that comes in handy in many emergencies where someone's breathing or heartbeat has stopped. 

What impressed you most, Tom?

I improved my first aid skills and learned to prepare for emergencies. I now know how to respond to illness or injuries from fellow divers. It’s comforting to realise that I can help someone choking or even handle it adequately in case of a possible spinal injury.

What's the difference between Primary Care and Secondary Care, Tom?

Primary Care’ is related to CPR and helps you understand the necessary steps to take in life-threatening emergencies. You practice eight skills to aid patients who do not breathe, have no heartbeat, may have a spinal injury, maybe have severe bleeding or are even in shock.
The course teaches you how to perform CPR and monitor the patient before medical services arrive.

Secondary Care is related to First Aid. In this stage, the medical conditions are not very grave, whereas medical services are sometimes delayed or unavailable. The course teaches you how to handle during these events, like providing first aid that reduces pain and the risk of further harm. 

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