PADI Open Water Diver Course

December 01, 2022

Please meet Tom, your diving buddy, at the Dive Base Academy of Sindbad Club! Tom has been diving with the Dive Base Academy for four years. He has completed many PADI courses with us and has become very familiar with numerous dive sites and underwater wonders of the Red Sea. 

Tom will take you on an exciting tour to familiarize you with our diving courses at the Dive Base Academy in Hurghada. Tom will be your trusted host introducing the various exciting diving venues the Red Sea offers.

If you have any questions about our diving courses or dive sites of the Red Sea, please, ask Tom!


What can you tell us about the Open Water Diver Course, Tom?

There's no better way to get introduced to scuba diving than the open water diver course, the world’s most popular and widely recognized. Your certificate is your stepping stone to advanced and specialty levels.

What does it take to follow the Open Water Diver Course, Tom?

You must be able to swim and be medically fit for diving. You must be ten years old or older and need parental approval while underage. You do not need prior experience with scuba diving. 

What do you learn when you follow the course, Tom?

You learn from the course in three stages. The first step is the so-called Knowledge Department to access the fundamental theories and principles of scuba diving. You can learn online, by independent study at your preferred pace or in a classroom. The second stage is learning basic scuba skills in a protected confined water setting, such as a swimming pool. After completing the initial steps, you can use the skills you've learned in open water.

What impressed you most, Tom?

Your first practice in open water feels sensational. This course naturally provides scuba diving knowledge, both in theory and practice. What better place can you think of than the Red Sea to pass this course? You’ll be hooked for the rest of your life!!

Any other suggestions, Tom?

The Red Sea offers a lot of diving venues that are excellent for novice divers with an open water diver certificate. Those sites are usually not exposed to the winds or strong currents. The weather exposes these sites and provides little protection. Many of these sites are sheltered and a good choice for beginners.

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